06 March 2011

Chicken-Mushroom Soup, Part I

The various parts
I've assembled most of the potential components.  From upper left:
  • Spices - may only use tumeric and a little chili powder,  will decide in process on the coriander and additional fenugreek. Salt and pepper not pictured (but will be included in conservative quantity).
  • Chicken and broth.  I prepared this the other day and refrigerated.  Boiled for 5 hours from frozen.  Added a few cloves of garlic and some fenugreek and mustard (mostly for their emulsifying properties).  Will re-heat, remove chicken meat from carcass and toss the skin and bones.
  • Chopped carrots.  Probably more than I need.
  • Mushroom onion broth.  Also prepared ahead of time.  Finely chopped white mushrooms, wood ear fungus torn into smaller pieces, and enoki mushrooms.  Probably too many small, whole white onions.
  • A couple potatoes, chopped, mostly for thickening.
  • Baby bok choi, chopped stems, whole leaves.  May need to add more greens later, particularly if I split the mushroom broth.
I'm a little concerned about overdoing it with the onions.  The broth was very mushroomy till the onions started to cook down; then it started to taste like french onion soup.  I think I may go get more white mushrooms and enoki and double that broth, then freeze half for later use.  I only added wood ears because the market had fresh ones for fairly cheap, which I don't see often. I'll figure that out tomorrow when I put it all on the stove.  Fortunately I live a 5 minute walk from numerous tiendas with interesting produce sections, so real-time adjustments are no problem.

Will post final product tomorrow!

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