05 March 2011

Food in Fluxus

This is not a cooking post.

It's an eating post. This is an old instruction written by renowned Fluxus artist Ken Friedman.  You may have come across it on other blogs or web sites.  I am re-posting it here for your own good.  I only ask that if you receive any toys along with your food to give them please, one each, to the first children you see after you have completed the instructions in proper order.

Fast Food Event

Go into a fast food restaurant.

Order one example
of every item on the menu.

Line everything up
in a row on the table.

Eat the items one at a time,
starting at one end of the row
and moving systematically
from each to the next.

Finish each item before
moving on to the next.

Eat rapidly and methodically
until all the food is finished.

Eat as fast as possible
without eating too fast.

Eat neatly.
Do not make a mess.


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